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Doksany - Baroque Chateau

Town:Doksany u Roudnice nad Labem

It was founded as a Premonstrate (women-friary) cloister in 1144 – 1145 by the Princess Gerthrude, the wife of the Czech King Vladislav II. The cloister church has the form of a basilica. After fire in 1200, the cloister and the church were reconstructed. There was another fire 100 years later. The castle was burnt out by the Prague citizens during the Hussite Wars, and other two disasters happened in 1421 and 1778 during the Prussia War. The peak of its architectural development reached Doksany at the end of the 17. century and in the first half of the 18. century – the buildings were rebuilt in Baroque style and many new structures were constructed. The cloister was closed down during the reign of Josef II. Terezie Poniatowská got the prelature rebuilt as a chateau which served the family Aerenthal till 1945.