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Budyně nad Ohří - Renaissance Chateau

Town: Budyně nad Ohří u Libochovic - square

The peak of its development reached Budyně during the life of Jan Zbyňek Zajíc, the well-known sponsor of famous scientists and writers who got the castle from the 2. half of the 15. century rebuilt as a Renaissance chateau. As a result of the Thirty Years´ War and two fires in 1783 and in 1787, the chateau´s state began to deteriorate. It served as a seat of the landlord and his officers. In 1823, the southern and eastern wing with the big tower were pulled down. Eventually, the building was saved by E. Fiala, who got it roofed in 1902 – 1911. It was also Fiala who had the bays and stair constructed. The Renaissance paintings were restored in 1908 – 1913 by R. Říhovský.